Welcome to Cheetah Investment Management

The cheetah's electrifying pace is well documented, but speed alone is not sufficient. The cheetah's explosive burst of acceleration is merely the endgame to a much more sophisticated and subtle hunting strategy. These elegant predators have evolved to using their surrounding landscape: from fallen logs and debris that litter the plains, they scan the horizon for prey. Only when the cheetah is close enough to be confident of a kill will it risk expending vital energy and unleashing its full potential.

At Cheetah Investment Management Limited ("Cheetah"), capital growth is our endgame. Much like our feline namesake, we actively scan the horizon for investment opportunities, only expending time and capital when we are certain that value can be realized and our potential fulfilled.

In Asia, Cheetah has become synonymous with value investing. We specialize in diverse alternative investment strategies, including long-only absolute return funds, hedge funds, PE funds and real estate funds. As one of Hong Kong's first SFC-registered fund advisory firms with over 20 years of absolute return investment experience, Cheetah is renowned as a pioneer in the Asian fund industry.

Cheetah’s value based alternative investment strategies have focused on Korea, Japan and Asia ex-Japan, with outstanding results over the past 8-10 years.

Cheetah has also seeded Saizen REIT, publicly listed in Singapore. The team that manages Saizen has over 10 years’ experience in acquiring, disposing, arranging financing, and general asset management of residential rental properties in Japan. It currently manages over 6,000 residential units across 14 cities.

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